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Image to Reality Contracting your reliant general contractor in Burnaby can deliver to you extensive custom designing, renovation, and home building service. It gives you end to end, consulting, project development management, and highly skilled quality artisanship for your renovation project. From arranging plans and design to executing the entire construction based on your needs, we will be there every step of the way with the right professionals to ensure your renovation project gets finished on time.

Make your home the home of your dreams with Image to Reality Contracting – Metro Vancouver’s best general contractor. We specialize in a wide range of home renovation and building services, and serve as one-stop shop for all the needs related to home improvement for our Vancouver and surrounding area clients. Our highly committed team of professionals will see that your space undergoes a transition without hiccups, beginning with the planning and design and through to the entire construction process.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, extend your living space with an addition, or commence a complete home makeover, we possess the expertise, experience, and resources to make your dream come true. It has been our constant pursuit to be the best in craftsmanship, paying special attention to the details and offering excellent customer care services at all times. This means that you have a stress-free renovation process.

Hire Image to Reality Contracting for the next project in your home and find the comfort that comes from working with a contractor that really does believe in turning your home renovation dreams into a reality. We will build for you a space in your style, which will satisfy your needs and surprise you.


Why Choose Us?

Our company is founded on a promise to provide top notch service and craftsmanship along, with a level of transparency that empowers each client.


We're a Burnaby based contractor that prioritizes transparency, quality and empowering our clients. No matter how big or intricate your project is, we're dedicated, to grasping your requirements and goals leading you through the process.

When it comes to home renovations, in Vancouver we're the team people trust.

Being a contractor, in Burnaby we specialize in turning your vision into reality. Our experienced team ensures execution of your project while emphasizing communication throughout the process. Choose us for service and peace of mind during your home renovation experience.



What types of home renovations do you specialize in?

We cover the whole slate of Burnaby home renovations, from kitchen remodels to bathroom renovations to basement finishing to room additions and whole house renovations. Whatever suits your fancy, from refurbishing a specific room or remodeling the entire house—we have the technical skills and the experience to realize your dream home.

How long does a typical home renovation project take?

The length of a renovation project at home is decisive to some factors, such as how big the project is, what kind of work will be done, and on the case of emerging problems. We provide our customers with a timeline map in the first consultation, where we list and date out all the project stages.

Do I need to obtain permits for my home renovation project in Burnaby?

Let’s consider, the law sets different requirements for permitting depending on the nature and scope of renovation. If we are the general contractors with experienced in Burnaby city, we will be able to help you go through the permit application and other codes and regulations of the city. We'll do everything that is needed to have all permits given in due so to prevent challenges coming up.

How much will my home renovation project cost?

The total cost of the renovation project is determinant by a number of factors, namely: the size of the available space, the materials and finishes you want and the amount of work to be done. An initial meeting serves in delivering of the highly detailed estimate of the cost with consideration of each of your personal demands and conditions of the budget. We are committed to making our prices accessible and work in close relationships with customers to discover affordable alternatives that don't affect quality.

Do you provide design services for home renovations?

Certainly, our experts in design to make the available creation happen are at hand. Our group of skilled designers will be working individually with you to develop a customized, unique plan based on your design style, needs, and your desires. Either your inspiration and vision are clear enough or you are seeking some insights and guidance, we’ll guide you thro' the whole process to materialize your idea.




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