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BATHROOM Renovations 

Refresh Your Body and Mind.

Image to Reality bathroom renovations and remodeling truly allows us the opportunity to demonstrate leading edge design ideas, innovative project planing, and provide a captivating bathing experience like no other.

The bathroom remodeling can be done in various forms: it can be a complete makeover of your master bathroom, a renovation of your kid’s bath or making minor adjustments to your powder room. Whichever way you prefer, you can rely on us for the best of affordable bathroom renovations Burnaby.

The restroom is where you can switch from being worn out to fresh and clean and also let your worries blow away in the comfortably designed ambiance with the right light and noise. Not least, it has to be spacious and hospitable with excellent textures and colors as well as interesting with glass enclosures, stylish tile work and a high-end fixtures and finishes.

At the top of the list of “must haves” for most Vancouver bathrooms is the thermostatic shower system. It features large shower rain heads, adjustable shower arms, and temperature control valves. These units not only create visual interest, but enhance the shower experience. Glass enclosures for showers are also a definite upgrade to curtains. They visually expand the size of your bathroom and allow for a more illuminated and open shower.

Today, waterproof membranes for tiled showers virtually eliminate past problems associated with leaking showers; stand alone or floating furniture grade bathroom vanities both increase storage and accentuate style in the bathroom; dual flush toilets improve water efficiency; and jacuzzi tubs with aeration and chrome therapy lighting add to the bathing experience and luxury feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations Burnaby

Putting all of these and other elements together into a working bathroom can be challenging. The selections available for your space can sometimes be overwhelming. Image to Reality contracting can help make this task easier. We can assist you with your main bathroom, or ensuite, and fashion a design suitable for your home. Experience top-notch bathroom renovations Burnaby with our expertise. 

Bathroom Remodeling in Burnaby: Makeover Your Space with ImageToReality

We are experts in creating your bathroom into a sanctuary that represents your personal style and answers your needs at ImageToReality. Serving Burnaby and its environs, we specialize in professional bathroom remodeling services. If you are considering an update of a few fixtures or a complete makeover, our team is ready to create your vision.

What Makes Us Your Top Selection for Bathroom Remodeling Project?
Expertise and Experience:
Modern bathrooms in Burnaby are polished and changed by our experts that have extensive experience in this area. We follow the current trends and technologies to make your space sophisticated and useful.

Customized Solutions: We hold all bathroom remodeling projects to be unique. That is why we provide customized consultations to understand yourstyle, desire and budget. Our aim is to come up with a personalized design that would resonate with your vision but at the same time would be practical and convenient.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: At ImageToReality, we use the best materials and pay close attention to detail in every project. We guarantee each part of your bathroom is long lasting, from resistant flooring and stylish fixtures, to the effective lighting and storage solutions.

Seamless Project Management: We handle everything related to your bathroom remodeling project, from design and material choice to construction and final touches. We provide seamless project management that causes no hassles in your everyday living so, the project would be completed in the time and budget agreed upon.


Elevate Your Home with Stunning Bathroom Remodelling in Burnaby

Do you want take a traditional bathroom to a whole new level of high-quality experience? Look no further! Expertly-equipped and highly skilled professionals turn bathroom remodelling and renovations projects in Burnaby into the highest level of craftsmanship and quality that has no equal for spacious and elegant bathrooms of your dream.

Long term presence in our industry, allows us to know the bathroom is not just a functional area. It’s a place of peace, where you can forget about the day’s worries, and take care of yourself. We can transform your most bold up to the most subtle ideas, whether you have an interest in a modest, traditional " or " bold and modern design.

The consultation process we use is comprehensive with the aim of knowing the diverse needs preferences and budgets in site. We will be actively involved in all phases of designing so that the plan, which is based on your taste and gives a great functionality to your bathroom, can be created most effectively. The attention to detail will involve the plan and equipment, materials and finishes and all of these will be carefully scrutinized in order to achieve a unified and superb look.

We, the best bathroom remodeling company in Burnaby, realize the importance of quality and customer satisfaction, and it is this passion for excellence that has made us the most trusted name in the area. Our number one asset is the skill of our staff, who practice quality delivery through high precision in every phase of the project. From demolition to installation, it's all going to be on our shoulders and we won't miss a single step. We'll make sure you get all the updates regarding the completion and requirements of each step.



  1. What is the cost range of bathroom makeover commonly seen nowadays?

    • The cost of a bathroom renovation could bigger do puzzles of things, whether it is the size of the bathroom, the quality of materials used during construction work of the renovation, and the expenses. It is the foundation that you start with, so it's very important to have a budget, and to get quotes from several contractors.

  2. With regards to bathroom renovations, about what popular styles are today?

    • Tested bathroom renovation trends include walk-in showers with style-less glass enclosures, freestanding soaking tubs, floating vanities, matte black plumbing, metro tile coverings, and heated floorings.

  3. How long does a bathroom renovation typically take?

    • The bathroom renovation in the time of limited range project depends on its scale. Basically, the time can be from a couple of weeks to several months, the demolition, plumbing and custom installations being the factors that might affect how much time is spent on this project.

  4. What regulations should you follow if planning a toilet makeover?

    • The permit requirement for a bathroom renovation may vary based on the project particulars as well as the location code of the community. Extensive renovations such as completed with structural works, electrical works or plumbing alterations may be subject to permit in some cases. To ensue the proper permit requirements it's necessary to either speak to local officials or to work with a certified contractor.

  5. What ideas can we implement to make the most of our limited space in the Bathroom remodeling project?

    • To fully utilize the small space in a bathroom renovation, it can be tied in together by installing a pedestal sink or wall-mounted vanity hence creating the impression of more floor space. Utilize vertically case solutions like shelves mounted over the toilet or a corner shower and a small tub that will save space.

  6. What about safety related aspects of a renovation in a bathroom?

    • For your family safety that your family guarantee during a bathroom renovation share with contractors, clean and organize the work areas, restrict access to the renovation zone, and follow the safety rules for handling the equipment and materials. On top of this, think through also the temporary solutions for hygiene and fixing up, drawing people's activities.

  7. What should I prioritize when planning a bathroom renovation on a limited budget?

    • A good strategy for a small budget is to address key improvements with the most dramatic impact, such as changing a faucet, knobs and handles, repainting walls or tiles as well as choosing economical materials like shower or tub of fiberglass/acrylic structures.

  8. How can I choose the right tiles for my bathroom renovations Burnaby?

    • When you are dealing with tiles replacement for a bathroom renovation, remember that factors to consider are the size, color, material and strength. If it comes to the choice of flooring or wall covering bathroom porcelain and ceramic tiles will prevail because of their water-resistant properties as well as ease of maintenance. Also think about putting accent tiles or mosaic patterns that are attractive in the design for your interest.

  9. What are the main design, installation and maintenance related plumbing considerations during a bathroom renovation?

    • Bathroom remodel common plumbing issues include changing and moving of sinks, toilets and showers; calling professionals for upgrading plumbing pipes which has to meet the required codes before the commencement of renovations, and proper ventilation to prevent dampness and growth of molds.

  10. What are the common mistakes which mostly people make in bathroom renovation?

    • Common mistakes to avoid during a bathroom renovation include underestimating the budget, overlooking the importance of adequate ventilation and waterproofing, neglecting to plan for sufficient storage space, and failing to hire qualified professionals for plumbing and electrical work. It's crucial to plan carefully, communicate effectively with contractors, and address any issues promptly to ensure a successful renovation.

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