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Kitchen Renovations 


At Image To Reality, expert kitchen design is one of the hallmarks of our business. We offer fresh, creative ideas along with years of kitchen renovation burnaby experience to produce kitchens that are unique and expertly crafted. Our specialty lies in helping our clients realize their vision of a nicer home, to a large extent this is accomplished early on so you know exactly what your kitchen project entails. It is here that we can let our imaginations run wild, visualizing possibilities, and weigh the many different options available.

The most common upgrade is the open concept. Walls are now being removed and the kitchen is becoming part of the living area. Kitchen countertops are now mostly solid surface materials that include materials such as granite, engineered quartz and natural stone. They are easy to clean and allow for under mount sinks that are very much desired. The kitchen island (with seating and large work surface areas) acts as a social connection between kitchen and living activities. Appliances and finish materials are now far more practical and aesthetically appealing, as they are in full view of the living area. Improved lighting and electrical has also played an important part; potlights, additional outlets, and under counter lighting are typical additions to even the most basic kitchen.

Although most of these improvements are common in varying degrees, there are also various styles and designs to consider, Image to Reality can achieve your image to compliment the style of your home, and your personal preferences for design.

Kitchen Renovation Burnaby

Quality kitchen renovations require skill, experience, attention to detail, and perhaps most importantly creativity. Our kitchen renovation burnaby services incorporate each of these elements along with many others. At the heart of our business, is a dedication to quality craftsmanship. We specialize in designing, building, and installing custom kitchens using a combination of old world craftsmanship with the latest in technology and current design trends. From kitchen layout design to complete in-home assembly, we offer a total kitchen renovation package that results in transparent pricing, quick project turnaround times, and impeccable finishes.

Kitchen Remodeling in Burnaby: Make Your Culinary Space Outstandin

ImageToReality realizes that your kitchen is the soul of your house. We serve Burnaby and its environs and our goal is to convert your kitchen into a space that marries beauty with functionality, that is custom-made to your lifestyle and culinary requirements. Our professional team will make your kitchen remodeling dreams a reality, whatever is the design you prefer: modern and contemporary, or cozy and traditional.

The reason for selecting ImageToReality for your kitchen remodeling.
Expert Guidance:
Our crew has a long time in the kitchen remodeling to Burnaby homes. We always keep an eye on the most recent innovations and trends in the sphere of kitchen design, so that your space remains modern and at the same time timeless.

Personalized Design: For every project, we begin with in-depth briefing which will allow us to understand the vision, the likes and dislikes, and the unique of your family. We are committed to providing an individual approach to kitchen design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Superior Quality: We assure you a kitchen renovation that will be very beautiful and will last functional since we only use the best materials and the highest craftsmanship.. We specialize in high-quality details in cabinetry and countertops, appliances, and lighting.

Efficient and Comprehensive Project Management: We take care of all details in every aspect of your kitchen re-model project ensuring you a hassle-free adventure right from the start to the finish. We strive to ensure the efficient management of projects to reduce interference to your everyday activities, with a respect for agreed deadlines and budget.

Transform Your Home with Exceptional Kitchen Remodeling in Burnaby

Are you preparing to replace your kitchen island with the central hub of your life?Look no further! We, the dedicated team, as a specialty in the kitchen remodeling and renovations in the Burnaby, are able to provide with the unrivalled skills and the modern artistic designs to build the kitchen where your dreams becomes true.

A Kticm is not simply a space ou is just prepare fod, it’s everything, which has to do wid memonu and ww here is Where families gathe and friends go toge. If it's a contemporary sleek kitchen with high-end appliances equal to modern amenities or a rustic one full of warmth and heart then you have in us the specialized abilities and ingenuity to make it a reality.

Initial step of our process is to conduct to-the-point consultation to understnad what clearning would be the most effective because your lifestyle and house are quite different from others, this is the way to make a decision. We will collaborate closely and to arrive at a tailored approach through which we will achieve the highest functionality, increase the efficiency and excellence in the manner in which you style. From layout through finished cabinets, countertops and finishes of the kitchen, every small detail becomes more and more important to create kitchen that is not only beautiful but suitable for everyday use.


What time frame do we deal with on a common kitchen renovation?

  • The time it takes for a kitchen reno project is influenced by the scope of the job. The time frame is usually situated within the period from several weeks to several months, among the factors which are salvage, installation, and customization.

2. To kickstart a kitchen renovation, what are the essential stages to consider?

  • Before beginning a kitchen remodeling, it is so important that you have a budget in place, decide your layout, style preferences, functionality needs, structural concerns, and any plumbing requirement are answered. Problem solvers in advance and seeking advice from the experts will be important for good renovation.

3. Let's discuss the kitchen makeover craze; what do homeowners do now?

  • Fad changes dominating the kitchen include a panoramic floor plan, clever gadgets, LED and energy efficient lighting, and attractive materials like Quartz countertop which are low maintenance and tend to be durable. Additionally, modifiable storage solutions like pull-out pantry shelves are available.

4. What means will I use to be more efficient with the space I have in my renovated kitchen?

  • Being space-effective is critical in renovated kitchens; thus, you can apply features like deep drawers, vertical storage solutions, ceiling attached cabinets, built-in shelving, and kitchen islands that include integrated storage.

5. What do you mean when you mention all the possible expenses that the kitchen renovation in Burnaby might run into?

  • Renovation of the kitchen's cost can be effectively different taking into consideration size of the apartment, quality of material being use, labor expense, and any changes needed for the building. It is a must that you make a budget and three bids are necessary from the vendors before moving ahead.

6. Do I have to spend money on the permits for my kitchen renovation?

  • There are bases for obtaining the permits when a kitchen renovation is preformed, it also depends on the assortment of the work and local building rules. Generally, the big ones such as structural change or improvements to electricity or water plumbing are regulated by permits. The best option would be to find out the local administrative office or contract the work to a qualified contractor for them to confirm the permitting requirements.

7. How can I ensure the safety of my family during a kitchen renovation?

  • To guarantee that your family does not gets to be teary-eyed during kitchen renovation, you need to liaise with the contractors, keep the workplace neat and tidy, restrict the access areas to the working side, and be responsible as to how you guide through the proper way to use the tools and the materials. On top of this, take account of temporary options such as cooking with the help of tables and chairs to decrease the level of interruptions.

8. When I am working on the kitchen renovation budget in a limited time, what will I focus on?

  • Among all the kitchen renovation ideas, a tighter budget upgrades mainly focus on essentials improvements that offer you the greatest impact. For instance, apply paints to cabinets, hardware replacement, as well as lighting fixtures which could be used to enhance the illumination in the kitchen. For cost effective purposes, use laminated countertops and vinyl flooring.

9. What equipment should I be looking to use if I am revamping my kitchen?

  • When it gets to picking some appliances for renovated kitchen, points like size, stylish, energy efficiency and convenience should be put into considerations. Consider appliances that impart your specific personality and give cooking and storage facilities without exceeding your allocated budget.

10. Mistaken even the little things could cause some annoyance after an expensive renovation of the kitchen. What are some possible errors to prevent during renovation of the kitchen?

  • Kitchen renovation should not be undertaken without taking into account the pitfalls that comes along with it such as underestimating the budget, forgetting that the lighting and ventilation is as significant as the countertop, disregarding to set some storage space, and not hiring professionals for the electric and plumbing works. The most important things are to develop a detailed plan, be in constant cooperation with contractors and, when needed, react fast to fix the problems and to make the renovation successful.

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