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Like the interior of your home, there are many differences to consider when planning an exterior renovation. Because your home is exposed to Vancouver’s wet weather, the key is to use materials that can tolerate our cities conditions. Get familiar with products that interest you and understand their function.

In recent years, many dramatic impr0vements in building systems have been made. New lower maintenance materials have been introduced. There are some common building products that simply shouldn’t be used on homes in Vancouver and we’re here to help you avoid those costly mistakes.

Most homes consist of valuable outside square footage that can be used as living space for families to enjoy. Building a sun deck can add a feeling of spaciousness to a home by blurring the boundaries between inside and out. Building a new sun deck can create an outdoor living room experience while inhabiting natural elements in the comfort of your own home. A sheltered deck serves as an indoor – outdoor space connecting a family room with a patio. It is a great transitional element for nearly any style of house. 

Image to Reality offers design and build services for outdoor living spaces, custom sun decks, exterior re finishing, front porches and patios. Our precise constructive abilities and experience enables us to carry our interior craftsmanship out to the exterior. We only use quality products you can count on to last the lifetime of your home.

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